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Bristol SU

Create a new brand identity which celebrates the impact of togetherness at Bristol Students’ Union.

Bristol SU is the students’ union for 30,000 students at the University of Bristol. Whilst working as the in-house graphic designer I managed and delivered the creation of a new brand identity.

The previous identity was disconnected and inflexible. It didn’t speak to the SU’s new vision, mission and values and has issues with digital accessibility and its ability to be used with video and motion graphics.


The new identity features a bold and vibrant palette, modern and clean typography, and a versatile logo that can be adapted for various purposes. Additionally, the rebrand will involve a renewed focus on engaging with students and creating a sense of belonging within the university community. The identity positions Bristol SU as a organisation committed to bringing students together so they can build community, make change and find support. 



The Deliverables

  • Brand strategy and identity
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Digital and social media assets
  • Business stationery
  • Microsoft PowerPoint & Word templates
  • Canva templates
  • Signage and banners
Bristol SU Logo
Bristol SU initial logo sketches and design process
Bristol SU Brand Guidelines Overview
Bristol SU Branded Stickers on a Laptop