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IEA Clean Coal Centre

Redesign the brand identity for the IEA Clean Coal Centre: the global resource on the clean use of coal.

The IEA Clean Coal Centre is part of the International Energy Agency Technology Collaboration Programme. It gathers, assesses and disseminates knowledge on the energy efficient and environmentally sustainable use of coal. 

The old logo was dated, inflexible, and did not form part of a full brand identity. Nothing about the old logo and its accompanying collateral (website, presentation slides, report templates etc.) gave the impression that the Centre is at the forefront of technological innovation in the sector.

I created a new brand identity package which would position the Centre as trusted experts within the sector, with a keen focus on innovative technological solutions. The new identity can be used flexibly across all print and digital platforms. I put together a comprehensive brand guidelines book which details usage of the logo, fonts, colour palettes and accompanying geometric illustrations.

Additionally, I created a full range of branded collateral which included; a full website redesign, business cards, business stationery, social media assets, PowerPoint presentation template and MS Word templates for reports, invoices, press releases, and emission standards documents.

The Deliverables

  • Brand identity redesign
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Website design
  • Business stationery
  • Digital & social media assets
  • MS Word templates
  • PowerPoint presentation template
  • Technical drawings, charts & illustrations
IEA Clean Coal Centre Logo
Brand Guidelines for IEA Clean Coal Centre
Branded Tote Bag

The centre run annual workshops and conferences which were developed as sub-brands by taking the hexagon shape in the centre of the main logo and creating a series of geometric symbols which felt cohesive with the main brand.